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The Goalball UK National League has 3 levels of play that contribute to an overall league. Each level and region has its own league that feeds into the national league through a points scoring system.

This season, we also have 4 standalone events that sit outside the league structure; Novice Finals (Regions North, South & West, South & East), Intermediate Finals (Regions North, South & West, South & East), Goalball Cup (Elite) and End of Season tournament (All levels). For the 2018/ 2019 season Goalball UK will be introducing 3 Regional Tournaments to allow all players the opportunity to take part in Goalball.

For more information about the committee, fixtures and leagues please read below.

Goalball UK National League

Goalball UKNational League Schedule 2019 - 2020
Goalball UK National League Regional Breakdown 2019 - 2020

Goalball UK Domestic Rules

Goalball UK Domestic Rules 2019 - 2020

Ask the Official

Following Goalball UK’s ‘Grow OUR Game’ conference earlier in the year, a common theme was having more dialogue with the officials. We are excited to announce a new monthly feature of the Goalball Times where a question is asked by the goalball community, with an answer from a Goalball UK official. This month’s question has been answered by Dina Murdie.

If you have a question you would like answering, please email, and you may be featured in a future edition!

Question, from Goalball UK conference –

“When chasing (and successfully retrieving) a loose ball over the high ball line (and before the centre line) when is it a ‘high ball’ and when is it ‘out’?”

Answer, from Dina Murdie –

Take this from the moment the player has the ball under control in the neutral area. There are several actions that player can then do:

A)  They can pass it back to a player in their own team without being called for a high ball, even if it touches the ground in the neutral area.

B)  They can throw it out sideways – a ploy often used if the player is conscious that the 10 seconds is close – but it counts as a throw. Therefore, if it touches the neutral area it will be a ‘high ball’ but if it is thrown out and does not touch the neutral area it will be ‘out’.  However, in this instance the players should be aware that if they throw the ball out in a manner which is a considered dangerous by the referee (in that it could cause an injury to any person or thing in the vicinity), even if there is no-one there, they will be given a personal unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.

C)  If the player loses track of where they are and throws the ball towards the other team and it touches the neutral area, then it is a high ball.

Competition Committee

Main Roles

  • To agree the structure of competition for Goalball UK.
  • To agree, monitor and enforce the domestic rules which will be observed at each tournament.
  • To discuss and advise on topical issues surrounding tournaments.


Where a player or coach wishes to challenge a ruling given relating to the domestic rules he/she should write to the Chairman of the CC at who will raise the matter with committee who will make a decision.

Committee Members

If you have any comments or matters you would like raising at the next meeting please send them to

To contact YOUR Club and Competitions Committee representative, please use the contact details by clicking here

Dina MurdieChair
Dyfrig Lewis-SmithBoard Representative
Dani DillonOfficials Representative
Sammie KorosiPlayers Representative (North)
Sarah LeiterPlayers Representative (South)
Paul HollowayCoaches Representative
Alex BunneyGoalball UK Participation Lead
Tom DobsonGoalball UK Club and Competitions Officer

Terms of Reference

Download the terms of reference


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Next Competition Committee Meeting

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