Roll of Honour

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League Winners


National League Winners – Fen Tigers

Top Goalscorers


Region A

Male Top Goalscorer – Jordan Ellis (South Yorkshire) 48

Female Top Goalscorer – Chelsea Hudson (Scarborough) 28

Region B

Male Top Goalscorer – Philip White (Croysutt Warriors) 26

Female Top Goalscorer – Sally Brittion (Croysutt Warriors) 22

Region X

Male Top Goalscorer – Tahseen Sabir (Lancashire Lions) 60

Female Top Goalscorer – Amelia Robertson (Lancashire Lions) 12

Region Y

Male Top Goalscorer – Danny Reeves (Birmingham) 38

Female Top Goalscorer – Kali Holder (RNC Academy) 32

Region Z

Male Top Goalscorer – Warren Wilson (Cambridge Dons) 52

Female Top Goalscorer – Sarah Leiter (Cambridge Dons) 36


Male Top Goalscorer – Adam Knott (Winchester) 128

Female Top Goalscorer – Kali Holder (RNC Academy) 22

Player of the Season


Player of the Season – Joe Roper

Service to Sport – Keith Lound Memorial Award

This award will go to someone who goes above and beyond the call of duty to assist in the development, facilitation and improved participation of the sport of goalball. It can go to anyone involved in Goalball; players, coaches, officials, and volunteers.


Keith Lound Award (Service to Sport)  – Warren Wilson