The unique team activity that’s a winner everytime

Improve communication, leadership and teamwork skills within your organisation

This year do something very memorable and effective with your personnel/teams – Goalball (a Paralympic sport). This is an exciting unique event/workshop for businesses to improve their communication, leadership, and teamwork skills within their organisation.

Goalball is the team activity that ticks all the boxes

  • Fast-moving
  • Energising
  • Challenging
  • Skillful
  • Relevant
  • Team-building
  • Motivational
  • Competitive
  • Memorable
  • Fun

What people say

18 members of staff from the Manchester office of the English Institute of Sport (EIS) took part in a goalball session on Tuesday 19th May as part of a Team Building day. Emma (from the HR team) said: “I was really nervous about what we’d be doing, especially being so unfit, but I had a fantastic time! I thought it was pitched to even my limited abilities and Kathryn and the guys were brilliant at teaching us. I thoroughly enjoyed it.”