Join The 2.6 Challenge to help to save the UK’s charities

Goalball UK 2.6 Challenge Ideas

As you may know, we are taking part in the 2.6 Challenge and we want the Goalball Family to join us to help raise some vital funds.

We are one of many charities who have had to reduce services at a time when vulnerable members of society need us, while the cancellation of thousands of events has had a significant impact on our fundraising efforts. It is incredibly difficult to predict the impact that the coronavirus pandemic will have on our organisation. That is why we want to do everything possible in this period so that we come out of this in a strong as possible position and pick up where we left off.

For a Step by Step guide on how to get started click HERE

To choose us for your #TwoPointSixChallenge, click the button below and select the ‘Donate’ or ‘Fundraise’ button. We hope you can help and have some fun doing so!

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Ahead of Sunday’s launch of the campaign, we want to share some ideas about how you can get involved, with a 2.6 theme. We would also love to hear what you all have planned, so please keep tagging us on social media and using the hashtag #GoalballFamily and #TwoPointSixChallenge.

Whatever your age or ability, you can take part. After all, we’re not looking for superheroes – we’re looking for Home Heroes!

Stay safe Goalball Family and keep looking after yourselves and your families.

Toilet roll challenge: You could even do an evolution of the toilet roll challenge we set a few weeks ago. This time, have 26 goes at throwing a toilet roll into a bucket blindfolded, or find out how many you can get in 2.6 minutes.

Gaming tournament: We expect that many Play Station’s and Xbox’s have seen a lot of action recently, so why not start an online tournament with 26 players or challenge a friend to 26 rounds to find the ultimate champion! Or could you do a solo challenge of 26 hours of gaming? (We’re not so sure many of the goalball mums and dads will be thrilled with that suggestion!)

Jugglers: Now is the time to get good! Can you keep juggling for 26 second, 2.6 minutes or even 26 minutes without dropping a ball?

The Workout: 26 minutes of one exercise or 26 exercises in 26 minutes. Here are some ideas to start with:

  • 26 sofa-triceps dips
  • Hop on each leg 26 times
  • 26 step-ups
  • 26 shoulder shrugs
  • 26 press-ups Yoga or Pilates
  • 26 minutes of planking
  • Walk, run, cycle 2.6, 26, miles/km a day for 26 days

Danceathon: Dance like no one’s watching! Take part with people at home or online and dance non-stop for 26 minutes. Go further and hold a 2-hour and 35-minute dance session (take breaks in your own time, of course!)

Climbing the stair mountain: Walk up and down the stairs 26 times, or find out how many times you can do it in 2.6 minutes. Might not be as simple as is sounds!

Quiz: As many of us have been socialising online, a charity quiz could be organised. Invite 26 people to take part in quiz, or ask 26 questions, with a £2.60 entry fee. We can provide a download of the quiz and answers, please contact for more details.

Reading challenge: For all you that love getting lost in a good book. Read or listen to your favourite book(s) for 26 minutes for 26 times in one day! That’s a whopping 11 hours and 26 minutes!

Wordsmith challenge: Write a 26-line poem with a goalball theme, or for the songwriters out there, write a shot 26-second-long song all about goalball.

Art challenge: Can you find the artistic inspiration to draw or paint 26 different pictures? Bonus point if they’re goalball inspired!

Sponsored silence: How about a 26-hour marathon of silence? It’s definitely not as easy as it might sound!

Baking challenge: Many of you have been sharing your kitchen creativity over the last few weeks, so how about making a cake in the shape of the numbers 2.6 or baking something using 26 ingredients. You could even create 26 mini goalball cakes!

Spread the word challenge: As many people are using this time to expand their horizons, why not try to introduce 26 people to goalball and tell them why you love the sport.

Singing challenge: Could you sing 26 songs in a day? Or even designing your dream 26-song-gig from a favourite artist to sing along to? If you want to show off your skills, get online and perform to your friends and family.

Shave your head: Is all this staying at home making you look a bit unkempt or are you due that annual haircut? Get 26 people to sponsor and go for the chop!

Nominate 26 friends to do the 2.6 challenge! Ask your friends on social media to donate £2.60 then pass it on to another 26. Let them choose an activity and get them involved!

We hope that there is a challenge here that you want to take on, or has given you some inspiration about what you can do. If you plan on choosing us for your #TwoPointSixChallenge, make sure you click on the button below for more information about how to donate.

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