New Year’s Honour For Goalball Champion – Emma Evans

Emma Evans was included in the New Year’s Honours list for 2021, in recognition of her passionate support and promotion of Goalball.

The MBE will recognise her creation of the UK’s first Goalball team to be invited to take part in the European Super League, her tireless fund raising for the sport and her drive to get UK Civil Servants involved in the sport for visually impaired people.

RNIB Connect Radio’s Allan Russell spoke to Emma to find out how she became involved in the game and why the sport’s development has become a passion.

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The Sounds of Goalball

Hear the sounds of #goalball from the perspective of one of the players. Be sure to listen with headphones.

Goalball proves tricky to master

BBC Breakfast presenter Mike Bushell attempts goalball, a Paralympic team sport designed for blind athletes.

Bushell finds that attempting to judge the position and movement of the ball by the sound of the bell inside it is a tricky task.

Image of Goalball player defending