Event cancelled due to snow (10.03.2023)

Details regarding the rearrangement of fixtures will be confirmed to teams in due course.

Saturday 11th March 2023 at South Reading Leisure Centre, Northumberland Avenue, Reading, RG2 8DH & John Madejski Academy, 125 Hartland Road, Reading, RG2 8AF (venues are directly opposite each other). 

Teams in attendance: Cambridge Gown, Cambridge Town, Fen Tigers, RNC Academy, RNC Hereford, Winchester Kings


Game 1, Venue A, 09:50, Fen Tigers vs Winchester Kings

Game 2, Venue B, 09:50, RNC Hereford vs RNC Academy

Game 3, Venue A, 10:35, Cambridge Town vs Cambridge Gown

Game 4, Venue B, 11:00, RNC Academy vs Winchester Kings

Game 5, Venue A, 11:45, RNC Hereford vs Cambridge Town

Game 6, Venue B, 11:45, Fen Tigers vs Cambridge Gown

Game 7, Venue A, 12:55, Winchester Kings vs RNC Hereford

Game 8, Venue B, 12:55, Cambridge Gown vs RNC Academy

Game 9, Venue A, 13:40, Cambridge Town vs Fen Tigers

Game 10, Venue B, 14:05, Cambridge Gown vs Winchester Kings

Game 11, Venue A, 14:50, Fen Tigers vs RNC Hereford

Game 12, Venue B, 14:50, Cambridge Town vs RNC Academy

Game 13, Venue A, 16:00, Cambridge Gown vs RNC Hereford

Game 14, Venue B, 16:00, Winchester Kings vs Cambridge Town

Game 15, Venue A, 16;45, RNC Academy vs Fen Tigers

Individual Awards  

Player of the Day – pending results