Goalball in schools

Goalball is a great sport for developing confidence, teamwork, communication and social skills in children and young people of all ages and abilities! Whether you are looking at setting up your own goalball club, or introducing goalball into your curriculum, Goalball UK can help. For further information please get in contact here: enquiries@goalballuk.com

Group photo of children at a Goalball UK school competition, with GB player Caleb Nanevie in the centre


Secondary school Lesson Plans, Scheme of Work, and sporting videos. These are available for FREE via the following link: PEOffice – Goalball

These are in addition to our Primary School teaching cards – more information on these are on our school support page.

School goalball throughout the UK

Goalball is part of the School Games framework, with various activities taking place across the country. This ranges from intra-school competitions all the way through to county final level. For more information please click here:

Goalball UK – School Games

Are you interested in bringing goalball to your school? Then Goalball UK’s School Support section contains all the information you need:

Goalball UK – School Support