Saturday 18th November 2023, at South Reading Leisure Centre, Northumberland Avenue, Reading, RG2 8DH & John Madejski Academy, 125 Hartland Road, Reading, RG2 8AF (venues are directly opposite each other).  

Teams in attendance: Birmingham, Birmingham Barbarians, Croysutt Warriors, RNC Academy, South Wales, Winchester Kings, Winchester Knights

Fixtures and Results

Game 1, Venue A, 09:50, RNC Academy vs Croysutt Warriors

Game 2, Venue B, 09:50, Birmingham vs Birmingham Barbarians

Game 3, Venue A, 10:35, South Wales vs Winchester Knights

Game 4, Venue B, 11:00, Birmingham vs Winchester Kings

Game 5, Venue A, 11:45, Croysutt Warriors vs South Wales

Game 6, Venue B, 11:45, Birmingham Barbarians vs RNC Academy

Game 7, Venue A, 12:55, Croysutt Warriors vs Birmingham Barbarians

Game 8, Venue B, 12:55, Winchester Knights vs Birmingham

Game 9, Venue A, 13:40, South Wales vs Winchester Kings

Game 10, Venue B, 14:05, Winchester Knights vs RNC Academy

Game 11, Venue A, 14:50, Winchester Kings vs Birmingham Barbarians

Game 12, Venue B, 14:50, Croysutt Warriors vs Birmingham

Award, 15:40, Player of the Day Award

Game 13, Venue A, 16:00, Winchester Kings vs RNC Academy

Game 14, Venue B, 16:00, Birmingham vs South Wales

Game 15, Venue A, 16:45, Birmingham Barbarians vs Winchester Knights

Individual Awards  

Player of the Day – pending results