It was amazing to see and hear about so many members of the #GoalballFamily taking part in the 5k Day on Saturday 20th March.

It didn’t matter how people completed the 5k – some people walked, some people jogged, some people ran, some people cycled and some people did a combination. Neither did it matter how fast they completed it in as it was simply just a case of getting out and getting active, knowing that other people elsewhere around the UK were too. We even got a few dogs joining in!

Graeme stood in the park wearing a Goalball UK t-shirt
Phoebe stood in the woods wearing a big coat and a woolly hat
Naqi and his guide runner stood at the 5k finish line in the park
Anthony and Loren with their fingers representing 3.1 miles (5k)

Players from lots of different clubs took part including some of our new Ambassadors and some members of the new Youth Forum. A special mention to Lee Robshaw from Croysutt Warriors Goalball Club who completed a 5k in the morning and then another 5k in the afternoon!

If we’ve missed you off the following (long!) list, apologies, please let us know and we’ll add you on.

Name Club
Adam Knott Winchester
Alex Cockerham (and Bethany Southwick with Stanley the dog) Goalball UK staff
Alex Ulysses and Jack Peters Croysutt Warriors
Aneesah Rabbaannee Nottinghamshire Sheriffs
Anthony O’Keefe (guided by Loren Poole) South Yorkshire
Bilal Hussain Nottinghamshire Sheriffs
Bobbie-Jack and Kimberley Spencer-Sallis Winchester
Brittany Stead West Yorkshire
Britton Family (Alfie, Declan, Ollie, Tiffany-Jade and Tommy) Croysutt Warriors
Claire Watson Glasgow
Daniel and John White Croysutt Warriors
Gemma Bell and Jenna Couch West Yorkshire
Graeme Roache Glasgow
Hannah Webber and Kirsty Allen Nottinghamshire Sheriffs
Harry and Ian Bainbridge Nottinghamshire Sheriffs
Jacob and Louise Hare Croysutt Warriors
Jake Bevan Croysutt Warriors
James Hill Croysutt Warriors
Joe Scott London Elephants
Juarte and Rokus Bernataviciene Croysutt Warriors
Kathryn Fielding Goalball UK staff
Keira and Kirsty Mills Winchester
Lee and Sharon Robshaw Croysutt Warriors
Lisa and Phoebe Clifton Winchester
Lorna Morisset Glasgow
Louise Simpson (guided by Paul Davison) South Yorkshire
Lynda Cole Croysutt Warriors
Lynda Stainer Goalball UK supporter
Mark Bullock Goalball UK supporter
Payne Family (Chris, Luke, Michael and Teresa) Derbyshire Ducks
Megan Price South Wales
Naqi Rizvi (guided by John Muldoon) London Elephants
Paul Cunningham Glasgow
Paul Mercer Goalball UK supporter
Phil Green West Yorkshire
Robin Faulkner Croysutt Warriors
Russ Sparkes and Tracy Compton London Elephants
Sam and Steven Gough Edinburgh
Sayma Begum Croysutt Warriors
Tom Evison Winchester
Tyrelle Izirine Croysutt Warriors
Young Family (Bethan, Catrin and Gwennan) South Wales
Hannah Webber and Kirsty Allen on a scenic walk together with hot drinks to keep warm!!
Sam and her dad on a tandem bike
Alex and Beth stood holding Stan the dog
Phil stood in front of a country house

We must also say ‘Congratulations’ to all of the students and staff at RNC who took part in a sponsored walk around the College campus on Saturday (to raise money for a film projector and screen). Over an 8 hour period, they collectively completed 721 laps, smashing their 500 mile target!