After 5 years as Chair of the Goalball NGB Trustees it is time of me to move on. I am delighted we have attracted someone of the calibre of John Grosvenor to take on the role and I have no doubt he will be a great Chair as the sport continues to grow and thrive.

I have had a wonderful 5 years and enjoyed working with you all. There have been some major challenges but we have continued to grow the number of clubs and players. Both elite teams have been able to compete internationally despite not qualifying for support from UK Sport and it pleasing to see we are attracting funding from a growing variety of sources for all aspects of the sport.

One of the challenges was to find a replacement for Mike Reilly; I think there can be no argument that in Mark Winder we have a CEO who is exceeding all our expectations.

I would like to thank my colleagues on the Board for their support during my tenure and am confident that I am leaving a first class team who will ensure the future of Goalball in the UK.


All the Best