Thank you to everyone who attended Summer Camp 2018 at RNC Hereford. It was amazing to see everyone attending having so much fun and giving their best throughout the 5 days.

The first half of the week saw our younger players being put through their paces with lots of fun goalball games and activities, including some led by our talent pathway players. For some of them it would have been their first time staying away from home on their own which can be daunting, so a big well done to all our young players. We would like to also take this opportunity to thank the talent pathway players for coming along early and being such a great help and inspiration for the younger players.

The second half of the week saw our talent pathway players in attendance and being pushed to their best by both GB team coaches. It is always amazing to see the effort and determination shown by the players, and the improvement shown in such a short amount of time is a testament to all their hard work. Keep it up!

Summer Camp 2018 also saw the launch of our Goalball UK Officials Summer Camp Course with four brand new officials learning the rules of the game, ready for the start of the new season. Good work from everyone involved and a big thank you to Dina and Dani for leading the course and helping everyone pass.

Bring on Summer camp 2019