There are 2 ways in which you can get involved with Goalball UK’s 2.6 challenge:


You can simply donate to any of the members of the #GoalballFamily who have set up their own challenges, this includes CEO Mark Winder, details can be found here.


You can also set up your own challenge to take place either now or in the near future. This is what you need to do:

  • Select your challenge – this needs to be based around the numbers 2 and 6. It could be 26 repetitions of something. It could be over 2.6 miles or 2.6km. It could involve 26 people. It could be something that requires people to donate £2.60. It could take 26 minutes, 26 hours or even 26 days! There are lots of options but if you are struggling for ideas Goalball UK can provide you with some.
  • Set up a fundraising page – Goalball UK will help you set up a Just Giving page. This will tell everyone what you are doing, where, when and why.
  • Share your fundraising page – with your family, friends, work colleagues, next door neighbours, etc. You can also accept offline (cash, cheques etc.) donations
  • Start (and hopefully successfully complete!) your challenge – post updates (including some photos or videos if possible) on your Just Giving page and your personal social media accounts. Please also share them with Goalball UK.

For more information and help please contact Kathryn (Tel. 07795 263642 or email