Graham alongside his Cambridge teammates and coachEach Thursday we want to put the spotlight on a person involved with goalball – from players, officials to coaches, or anyone!

We want to use our online platforms so the Goalball Family can get to know each other a bit better ahead of getting back on the court and playing our sport again.

This week we caught up with Graham Stearn.

What club do you play for or coach?

Cambridge Dons

How did you discover goalball?

I attended a VICTA Youth weekend in July 2014 and Kathryn Fielding and Louise Simpson were there delivering a goalball taster session. I really enjoyed it but unfortunately there wasn’t a club near me – I live in Essex. I eventually joined Cambridge Dons in 2018.

Is there a particular song, artist or genre that you listen to before a tournament to get in the mood? Or anything you’re loving at the moment?

I like Reggae, Ska and Rock so listen to artists like Jimmy Cliff, Madness and The Killers.

Do you have any pre-game superstitions or rituals?

Not really. I sometimes get mixed up when I’m getting ready and put my trainers on before my knee pads though!

Do you have a favourite post-match meal?

I usually just have a takeaway. I like pizza. Ham and Pineapple is one of my favourites.

Which goalball player do you admire the most and why?

Warren Wilson. I originally knew him from VICTA events, where he was always talking about goalball, and he persuaded me to start playing. I also get on really well with Charlie Brown – he’s a good laugh! We have the same sense of humour.

Outside of goalball, what other hobbies/sports do you do?

I enjoy swimming and walking. I also like music and during lockdown I have got back in to radio presenting and, together with old college friends, I now have my own show on Worlds Awakening Radio (

Finally, what place, anywhere in the world, is on your bucket list to visit and why?

I’m not sure! I have really enjoyed all my holidays with VICTA (e.g. Barcelona, Scilly, Naples, Rome, Amsterdam, etc). They have given me the confidence to travel independently and I have now been to Cyrus a couple of times. I like going to places where I can take photos and there are water activities.

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