Each Thursday we want to put the spotlight on a person involved with goalball – from players, officials, coaches, or anyone.

This week we caught up with Marcus Bu-Rashid!

A Winchester Kings team photo with Paddy, Patrick, Devante, Marcus and Scott doing different poses next to a Winchester pop up tall banner.

What club do you play for or coach?

I play for Winchester Goalball Club.

How did you discover goalball?

When I was 8, I went on an Actionnaires trip to Winchester Goalball Club for a taster session.

Is there a particular song, artist, or genre that you listen to before a tournament to get in the mood? Or anything you’re loving at the moment?

I usually listen to my playlist, which has a wide mix of genres, but anything upbeat gets me in the mood.

Do you have any pre-game superstitions or rituals?

We always shout ‘WINCHESTER!!!’ as loud as we can before a game.

Winchester Kings Intermediate team at a tournament having a group selfie with coach Geoff. Patrick, Devante, Paddy, and Marcus are in the photo too.

Do you have a favourite post-match meal?

Anything my dad cooks always does the trick, or a KFC.

Which goalball player do you admire the most and why?

I admire players who have helped me to develop as a player myself, such as Rosie and Scott Murphy, Adam Knott, and Dave Scott.

Marcus Bu-Rashid standing in front of a wall with his Winchester shirt on, holding the Intermediate Trophy and wearing his medal.

Outside of goalball, what other hobbies/sports do you do?

I like to watch football a lot and play video games.

Finally, what place, anywhere in the world, is on your bucket list to visit and why?

Himalayas because I like mountains.

Winchester players, parents and coaches out in a mountain area on a outdoor adventure trip. It's quite drizzly so everyone is wearing raincoats, but smiles all round!

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