Rainbow Laces in animated font with the L in laces shaped like a rainbow lace.

Rainbow Laces, a Stonewall campaign revolved around raising awareness of the barriers people still face in the world of sport and physical activity. Leo and Harry of the #FindTheNext Goalball Academy #LacedUp & #SpokeUp on how we can take steps to #MakeSportEveryonesGame!

So Harry & Leo, how can we make sport and fitness more inclusive for LGBTQ+ people?

Leo – I think sport can be made more welcoming to LGBTQ+ people by having inclusive and supportive sports teams and team members.

Harry – Sport can be made more welcoming to LGBTQ+ people through support. It may also be helpful to know that there is someone to talk to (like team members or coaches) if any issues do occur.

Do you think people perform better when they can be themselves?

Leo – I think people do perform better when they can be themselves as they feel supported and part of a team.

Harry – Yes, because it stops people from being self-conscious about acting the same as everyone else. This would help people perform better since they are more focused on playing the sport than focusing on not being themselves. It would help people to have better mental wellbeing as well.

What do you both think we can do to support LGBTQ+ people to not give up on their sporting dreams?

Leo – LGBTQ+ people can be supported to not give up on their sporting dreams by making sure they have support from teammates and coaches.

Harry – We can support LGBTQ+ people to not give up on their dreams in sport by making them feel welcome within the team. This can help them to stick with goalball because they know they have a supportive team who will always be there for them.

Would you both challenge someone saying hateful towards LGBTQ+ people?

Leo – I would challenge someone saying something hateful to LGBTQ+ people because no one should be treated unkindly or be discriminated against for who they are.

Harry – I would because it is wrong to discriminate someone because they are part of the LGBTQ+ community. Everyone is allowed to be who they are.

What does Rainbow Laces mean to you?

Leo – To me, Rainbow Laces means hope that more LGBTQ+ people will feel comfortable to get involved with sport and be themselves.

Harry – Rainbow Laces show me that awareness is being raised about making LGBTQ+ people feel welcome in sport. This shows change is happening to stop discrimination against people within the LGBTQ+ community.

Thank you Leo and Harry for #LacingUp & #SpeakingUp to raise awareness for the LGBTQ+ community. We will be speaking to more of the #FindTheNext Goalball Academy team during the campaign, coming this Sunday!

Rainbow Laces writing in bold colourful text on the left and writing lace up and speak up on the right.