The first East of England regional took place on Saturday 20th October 2018 at Cherry Hinton Leisure Centre in Cambridge. The tournament was attended by 26 players that have experience of playing Goalball for a vast amount of years and months. Of the players that attending there were representatives from Cambridge Dons, London Elephants, Croysutt Warriors and Norfolk Pirates.

The session began with ice breaking activities ranking participants playing time from longest serving player to the newest player which was led by Kathryn Fielding from Goalball UK. Further to the warm up games, 4 teams were picked with team leaders including Tommie Britton (Croysutt Warriors), Ashleigh Scott (Officials), Kathryn Fielding and Tom Dobson (Goalball UK).

Teams played against each other in small sided games before progressing into a round robin against each other. The winners of the tournament were team Tommie, with runners up team Ashleigh and team Kathryn taking 2nd and 3rd whilst team Tom finished in 4th position with 0 points.

Players were then allocated back to their respective clubs before taking part in games between the teams that were there. Throughout the day sessions were broken down to help players understand new rules that they may not have known and players asking questions to officials on any queries that they may have.

Goalball UK would like to thank Cherry Hinton Leisure Centre for their hospitality during the day along with all the players and volunteers that attended and helped throughout the day. We hope to see so many players at the next regional tournament soon!