Great Britain will be sending an U19 female talent team to the World Championships for the first time in their history. This is a fantastic opportunity for the young athletes and testament to the ETP and the amount of talented athletes we are now working with at this young age. The competition will be in Sydney Australia from 2nd – 10th August 2019.

GB will be taking a squad of 9 to the Worlds.

The selected athletes are:

–          Antonia Bunyan (RNC Academy)

–          Nansi Hidrej (Croysutt Warriors)

–          Chelsea Hudson (Scarborough)

–          Meme Robertson (Lancashire Lions/RNC Academy)

–          Megan Smithson-Booth (RNC Academy)

This team of athletes will be supported at the competition by the following staff:

–          Aaron Ford (Coach)

–          Becky Ashworth (Coach)

–          Tom Dobson (Team manager)

–          Jim Wallis (Sports therapist)

During the competition the GB players will be competing against teams including;

–          Australia

–          Brazil

–          Japan

–          Germany

–          Russia

Preparations are well underway and this selected team of athletes and staff now have a training schedule over the next 6 weeks to maximise every opportunity to work together and best prepare as a team before we head over to Australia for this exciting opportunity.