Goalball U.K. Strategy 2019-2024: Transforming More Lives

Today (26th February, 2019) is Goalball U.K.’s birthday. As a charity and National Governing Body we are now nine years old. We want to use this special day to launch our new, ‘Transforming More Lives’ Strategy document. John Grosvenor our Chairman says:

‘Since I was appointed Chair in July 2018 I have spent some time talking to people in the Goalball U.K. community and outside to help understand how we can move the sport forward.

Following these discussions, the Board and I have had several sessions to consider the strategy for the next 5 years and we have discussed this in workshops with the CEO and his team and shared our thoughts with a wide group of stakeholders.

As a result I am delighted that we are now able to launch our strategy for 2019-2024 and set out how we are going to transform more lives of blind and partially sighted people through goalball.’

Mark Winder CEO/ Secretary General added:

‘I have marvelled at the sport of goalball over the last two years. We have a community that other sports can only dream of. We should all be very proud to be involved in goalball in the U.K.

Transforming More Lives, our new strategy, builds upon the work of you all in Goalball UK in the last 8 years. Entering our ninth year as a charity we have seen tremendous progress. We have more people playing than ever before, more clubs, more volunteers, and we continue to develop a pathway for our talented players that is world class. Unashamedly we can be, and in some ways already are, already world leading.

The enormous growth in the sport needs to be sustained, managed and maintained. We have spoken to many stakeholders to make our sport have an even greater impact. Our strategy has been given the significant time it deserves and the attention of many people.

We have decided on six ‘Obsessions’ that we know will help us take the sport and the charity to the next level. We are still a new organisation and as we continue to learn, we can only achieve our aspirations together.

We, as the Goalball U.K. ‘Family’ are ready to take the next steps. I set the challenge.

Be proud of our sport. We ALL need to tell people what we are doing, the differences we are making, the fun we are having, and together make goalball a sport that everyone knows!’

Strategy: Transforming More Lives 2019-24

Vision: To transform the lives of blind and partially sighted people through goalball

Mission: To be world leading in promoting and providing sporting opportunities for blind and partially sighted people and to make goalball a universally recognised sport in the U.K.

Values: Goalball U.K. are driven to transform people’s lives through our sport by:

  • Building inclusive partnerships
  • Creating safe, exciting opportunities
  • Empowering through ownership
  • Connecting the goalball family
  • Creating Positive Communities

As an organisation, we are committed to serve our players with passion, act with integrity and to be responsive to our stakeholders.

Our pride in working at Goalball UK must be reflected in our drive for success at all levels.


  • Increase the numbers of players, coaches and volunteers participating in goalball in the U.K.
  • Provide players, coaches, officials and volunteers with a safe, tangible pathway allowing them to develop their talent within a strong domestic framework of competition.
  • Increase the awareness of goalball and Goalball U.K. across the United Kingdom and on the International stage
  • Increase funding and resource to support the growth and sustainability of goalball and Goalball U.K.
  • Ensure a high performing, well governed, sustainable and robust organisation that cares for all its members and celebrates the equality and diversity inherent in our sport.
  • Continue to develop and grow our U.K. high performance programme, creating world class Great Britain teams.

Winder added:

‘Our talented staff will work with you, our members and stakeholders to come up with strategies and tactics to achieve our obsessions.’

For more information please do not hesitate to get in touch with Mark Winder on mark@goalballuk.com or 07711049565.