Goalball UK commit!
Sporting Equals logo. Their accompanying slogan reads

Goalball UK has committed its support to Sporting Equals’ Charter which seeks to tackle race equality within the UK sports sector. This is the latest step for the national governing body as it reinforces its position to promote inclusivity and equal opportunities throughout the sport for BAME communities.

As signatories of the Sporting Equals Charter, Goalball UK will deliver on the three key points – to capture ethnicity data and intelligence, commit to tackling underrepresentation at all levels and celebrate diversity through positive role models and stories.

By becoming signatories, it ensures that the organisation will also benefit from the wealth of diverse talent on offer in the industry and additional support to make positive changes towards a diverse sector.

Sporting Equals has been promoting ethnic diversity across sport since 1998. The charity developed the charter following research that found BAME communities face significant disparities in sport, with the need for greater progress, positive action and tangible outcomes becoming imperative.

Mark Winder, CEO of Goalball UK, said: “This year will be remembered for many reasons, but one of the most significant is how the sporting world came together with a unified and reinvigorated approach to combating inequality.

“At Goalball UK we were compelled by these movements to continue our push to deliver equal opportunities and promote diversity in our sport. Over many years, we have made progress celebrating the diversity and developing further inclusivity in our game – but there is always more that can be done.

“Being part of Sporting Equals’ Charter is a big milestone in this journey.  Sporting Equals have been trailblazers in the sports industry for over 20 years and have made incredible progress to raise awareness and understanding of the needs of BAME communities. Working with them to deliver the pledges from the charter will have a positive and lasting impact on goalball in the UK.”

The Chief Executive for Sporting Equals, Arun Kang OBE said: “We are really pleased to be working with Goalball UK and having them sign up as a Sporting Equals Charter partner. “It is incredibly important for us as a sector to band together to ensure that we commit to solid and tangible outcomes in the way of delivering racial equality in the UK sports sector. We are pleased that Goalball UK has pledged their support to the Sporting Equals Charter, reinforcing that now is the time for action.

We are aware of how important education is to build empathy to the challenges facing disengaged communities, through our charter we seek to support organisations to develop and cultivate a culture and organisation which improves upon this current gap. We look forward to working with Goalball UK to deliver an inclusive and progressive sector for everyone in the UK when it comes to sport and physical activity.”

For more information about Sporting Equals and the Sporting Equals Charter, please visit: http://sportingequals.org.uk/support-us/commit-to-signing-our-charter.html