It has been announced today, Friday 29th September, that Russian para-athletes will be allowed to compete as neutrals after an IPC vote (source: 

Goalball UK are aware of the decision and are discussing it internally whilst working with partners to ascertain the full facts and possible impact it may have. 

We will issue a formal response to the announcement at an appropriate time. 

At present our previous statement issued in March 2022 still stands:  

Goalball UK (GUK) stands in solidarity with Ukraine.

We feel extreme sadness and shock at recent developments. We condemn the atrocities being committed by the Russian Government in its invasion of Ukraine and the support of Belarus in facilitating this. 

GUK has decided that none of our Great Britain teams will play any international fixtures against Russia or Belarus for the foreseeable future, at any level of the game. This includes teams representing the Russian Paralympic Committee. 

GUK will be working with British Blind Sport, IBSA (our international federation), UK Sport and the British Paralympic Association to ensure a consistent approach across all countries and sports involved in the Paralympic Games.