Goalfix Cup promotional banner with the details of the event on the left and a photo of two GB Women players in action during a game

Get ready for a weekend of elite goalball in Worcester!

On the weekend of 15th and 16th June 2024, Worcester will play host to a unique blind sport event showcasing the highest calibre of goalball in the UK. 

Goalball UK, along with Goalfix Sports Ltd, are excited to bring this intriguing, fast paced Paralympic sport to the city of Worcester. It’s free to attend and a fantastic spectator sport with quick-fire games and a test of the senses not seen anywhere else. 

Goalball is a Paralympic sport designed for blind and partially sighted people. Originally the sport was created to help rehabilitate injured soldiers after World War II. Nowadays the sport is played and loved globally by many people at all levels. 

Players all wear blacked out eyeshades, so everyone’s level of vision is the same. The game is played 3-a-side with the aim being to score into your opponent’s goal using a weighted ball with bells in. 

At the top level, players throw the 1.25kg ball at speeds up to 45mph, meaning there are lots of thrills and spills as players defend with their bodies using their senses of sound and touch to locate the ball. 

The Goalfix Cup is the highest level of goalball competition in the UK, the FA Cup of this sport if you like. The event takes place at the University of Worcester’s St John’s Sports Centre on Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th June 2024. 

Players and teams from across the UK will converge on Worcester in hopes of lifting the trophy. In 2023 Fen Tigers were crowned champions, breaking Northern Allstars’ back-to-back reign. 

The event is open to everyone to come and watch. There are plenty of seats available but please reserve a ticket for each person in your group. Audio descriptive commentary will be available throughout the weekend. To use the audio commentary guests need to bring their own headphones. 

Book your free tickets at https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/goalfix-cup-2024-tickets-865597333927? 

Visit the official Goalfix Cup 2024 webpage for all the information: https://goalballuk.com/goalfix-cup-2024/ 

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