Youth Sport Trust National School Sport Week promotional imageToday’s star of our National School Sports Week social media video is Harry Bainbridge, you can check out the video HERE. We caught up with him to learn about what he has been doing to keep active during lockdown:

During lockdown I have gone on walks and been going running; this helps with goalball because it keeps my fitness up, so when I can play goalball again it isn’t a shock as it is a fast-paced game. I have also been using a football and goal to practice goalball shots and defence.

During National Sport School Week, I will be going on walks with my family and just generally being active outside.  I will also be trying to teach my two younger brothers the rules of goalball so that they can enjoy playing it in the garden with me.

In lockdown I have been keeping active mostly with my family at home, in the park and on walks in the local countryside.  I have also been out in the park with friends, while socially distancing.

Some of the most challenging parts of lockdown have been not playing sport and not being able to learn in a school setting.  Playing goalball is really fun and it is a shame I can’t play it right now.  I have overcome these by practising goalball in the garden with a football and trying to do a few hours of school work a day. 

Keep an eye out for more video challenges on Goalball UK’s social media this week!