Four female goalball players smile for a photo whilst kneeling on the floor during a break. They are wearing blue tops and their eye shades are on the top of their heads.

The Goalball UK Youth Forum are looking for two new members!

Are you aged between 16 and 25 years old and passionate about goalball? This is the opportunity for you.

The Goalball UK Youth Forum exists to raise the voice of young goalballers within the sport, to help shape future goalball opportunities for children and young people, and to enhance the ongoing fundraising efforts of the Goalball UK charity.  

What has the Youth Forum done so far?

In September 2023 the Youth Forum successfully climbed Snowdon and raised nearly £3,000! The Youth Forum, with Goalball UK’s support, were responsible for planning and organising this event, gaining valuable experience and skills which they will apply to their next endeavours. 

What is next for the Youth Forum?

Following their successful fundraising campaign in September 2023, the Youth Forum are busy planning Summer Camp’s return for 2024. With support from Goalball UK, the Forum has been given a budget for the event, and the responsibility to truly shape how this event looks for the young people who will attend. This will make Summer Camp 2024 an event designed by young people for young people! 

And that is not all, the Forum have created a survey to gather information from existing goalball members about their experiences in the sport to help shape the direction of the Forum’s efforts over the coming years.  

Lastly, following Summer Camp 2024, the Forum will begin planning their next fundraising campaign!  

Who are the existing members of the Youth Forum? 

To meet the current members of the Youth Forum, and to find out a little bit about each one, please use the following link: 

Sounds good, how can I get involved?

Now is a great opportunity to join the Youth Forum and get involved in their exciting projects over the next couple of years!

To join simply follow the information below:

To apply you must be: 

  1. Aged between 16 and 25 at the time of applying.
  2. Registered as blind or visually impaired, be a sighted sibling/friend of someone who is blind or visually impaired, or have an interest in the sport of goalball (regardless of your level or sight). 
  3. Passionate about blind and visually impaired sports and increasing opportunities for young people! 

How can I apply?

To apply to join the Goalball UK Youth Forum please: 

  1. Complete a general details form through the following link: Youth Forum application form 
  2. Submit a video, audio file, or supporting statement (maximum of 5 minutes or 1 side of A4).
    1. Please tell us the following: 
      1. Why are you passionate about blind and visually impaired sports? 
      2. What are you most excited about getting involved in the Youth Forum? 
      3. What would you like to get out of being involved in this project?
      4. Anything else you would like us to know! 

Be as creative as you like!! Please submit your video, audio file, or supporting statement to the following email address: Please also use this email address for any questions you may have, we would love to hear from you if you are interested in applying but want to know more!

The closing date for applications is Sunday 31st December 2023.

We look forward to receiving your application and welcoming the successful applicants in 2024!

Members of the Youth Forum summit Snowdon
Members of the Youth Forum in the car park before they walk up Snowdon