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Josh Murphy

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London Elephants

When and how did you get involved in goalball?

I got involved in goalball at the age of 14 through New College Worcester Goalball, I then continued this at the RNC (Royal National College for the Blind).

Career highlights

In goalball my first big appearance with a GB shirt was European youths in 2019, where I scored many goals and eventually helped the team finish 3rd overall, shortly after this we entered a global pandemic where we were locked down. I used this time to progress my fitness and in November made my senior squad debut at a major championships, being the European B’s, where I scored nine goals four of which were past Greece, who went up to the European A’s.

What are your ambitions in the sport?

I would like to compete in a Paralympic Games for my country and help see the sport into an era of being well known and recognised.

Do you have one piece of advice for an aspiring athlete?

Believe that you can be the one to do it, believe that you can succeed.