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Today’s star of our National School Sports Week social media video is Keira Mills, you can check out the video HERE. We caught up with her to learn about what she has been doing to keep active during lockdown:

Every day I have been doing PE with Joe, this is helping me with my goalball as there are exercises that will make me stronger to defend the ball. If you keep the consistency going it makes you fitter and stronger.

I have been running whilst I have been at home, this is making me stronger and builds up stamina so I can start playing longer goalball matches. I run with my Mum, who is my guide runner, this means we have to communicate, just like I have to do when I am talking to my teammates on the court. I have also practiced shooting goals in my garden, I am working hard to improve my technique and accuracy.

We have been running at nearby facilities like a running track and a lovely disused railway line that goes through the woods. One of my favourite activities during lockdown was making an obstacle course in the garden that my family had to complete. It was funny watching my Mum on the space hopper!

I have really missed playing goalball, I miss seeing my friends at goalball and I miss being able to play an inclusive sport. I have carried on practicing in the garden and I have kept in contact with my goalball friends through doing the virtual online challenges, which I have really enjoyed.  I miss Parkrun too; I like the atmosphere and the nice people we meet. I enjoy parkrun because we are all winners and brilliant for going out and achieving. I have been out running and encouraged others to start running so when parkrun is back up and running, we can all do it together. I missed playing with my friends at school, luckily, I am back at school now and I can see some of my friends that have also come back.

Keep an eye out for the final video challenge on Goalball UK’s social media tomorrow!