Yusuf Huraira's Youth Forum photo. In the photo Yusuf is wearing a dark blue top with braille printed onto it.This week, we’re getting to know 5 of our recently recruited Youth Forum members. First up we are learning more about Yusuf Huraira!

  • Name – Yusuf Huraira
  • Age – 21
  • Goalball Club – Birmingham Barbarians

How did you get involved with goalball?

My involvement with Goalball began towards the end of 2015 when I was looking to get involved with sport as a young person. During my secondary school days, I had been quite vaguely introduced to goalball so decided to get involved with my local club and have been playing with them since. Additionally, I volunteer at all tournaments that I’m not playing in, this provides another unique perspective on the sport that I love!

What do you do outside of goalball?

I’m currently completing an undergraduate degree in human resource management at Birmingham City University. This is with a view of specialising within the areas of either recruitment or in equality, inclusion, and diversity within the workplace which are key areas of passion that I have.

Outside of playing goalball I play blind cricket and most weekends I can be found on a train heading to play sport. When not traveling or playing sport, I quite often enjoy meeting up with people who I have not seen in ages over a cup of coffee (the simpler things in life).

What do you hope to do within the Youth Forum?

From the youth forum, I hope to promote the sport of goalball to allot more people especially the younger audience and allow them to have the opportunities that I once did.

We will be chatting to a member of the Youth Forum every weekday this week. Who will we be chatting to next? Come back tomorrow to find out!