meg GB Headshot

Megan Smithson-Booth

Home Club

RNC Academy and West Yorkshire Goalball Club

When and how did you get involved in goalball?

I first got involved in Goalball at 17 when I started at the RNC college. I have always been sporty but I had never played blind sports before. I attended a few taster sessions and quickly fell in love with the sport, from there I never looked back.

Career highlights

Winning Bronze at the World Youth Championships in Australia.

What are your ambitions in the sport?

My ambition is to represent Great Britain at a Paralympics and hopefully medal at the games. As a team our ambition is to qualify for the Paris 2024 Paralympics Games.

Do you have one piece of advice for an aspiring athlete?

My advice for aspiring athletes is to be yourself, keep learning off others and say yes to opportunities. You never know what will come of them, whether that’s on or off the court, you will either get something great out of it or you will learn from it.