Introduction by Mark Winder, CEO of Goalball UK:

“It was important during our 10 Year Anniversary celebrations we recorded, celebrated and commemorated the milestone with something that captured the spirit and diversity of the ‘Goalball Family”.

“For anyone that’s been involved with goalball, they would have instantly recognised that it’s the people and the community that make it so special. That’s why we worked closely with 10 members of our community, all with different backgrounds, ambitions and experiences, to really demonstrate just how wide and impactful goalball is.

“Each of the participants has a fascinating goalball story to tell. From the grassroots, right the way through to the high-performance side of the game and board level, these stories demonstrate just why we believe so strongly in the power of this sport and offer a glimpse into the journey we have shared with them.”

“The sport has not only had a massive impact on the lives of these people, but their tireless effort and commitment to goalball has enabled the sport to grow and prosper in various ways and made it more accessible and inclusive to many more blind and partially sighted people.”

“The hardest part of this exercise was deciding just who to enlist as our storytellers.”