We are continuing to make steady progress (from Sheffield towards Tokyo) with our ‘parkrun to the Paralympics’ challenge. The current total stands at 2880km. There have been 50 opportunities to add 5k since we launched the challenge on Saturday 25th August 2018 and, amazingly, Chris Payne from the Derbyshire Ducks Goalball Club has done so each time i.e. he has individually contributed 250km!

Phil, Kathryn and Stephen at Bushy parkrun holding the selfie frame with the parkrun logo and Bushy on it

Kathryn Fielding, Phil Green and Stephen Newey displayed similar commitment when they got up at 4am last Saturday to make a ‘pilgrimage’ to Bushy parkrun in London – this is where the 1st ever parkrun was held in October 2004. They drove over 400 miles, spending over 7 hours in the car, to run 5k in less than 30 minutes, but are adamant that it was worth it!

Every week, more members of the Goalball UK family are joining in – most recently Nansi Hidrej (Croysutt Warriors), Phoebe Clifton (Winchester), Gemma Bell (West Yorkshire), James Douglas (North West in Northern Ireland), and Stuart Hudson (Scarborough) – but we still need more. Now that the season is over, it’s the perfect time to get involved. There are parkruns around the world, not just around the UK, so you can even walk/jog/run one whilst you are on holiday! If you need further convincing, there was a great documentary on BBC1 this week, called Dame Kelly: The Power of parkrun, that you can watch again on the iplayer.

Lisa and Phoebe at Portsmouth Lakeside parkrun with parkrun banner in the background