Unfortunately, we have had to temporarily pause our ‘parkrun to the Paralympics’ challenge because of the Coronavirus. A big thank you to everyone who has contributed so far though and hopefully we’ll be ‘on our way to Tokyo’ again soon. The total distance covered is currently 6218km (so 3222km to go).

Keira from Winchester Goalball Club stood next to an 'Itchen Valley Country' parkrun banner

Considering that there have been 5 tournaments so far this year – which limits the number of people able to parkrun – plus lots of bad weather, there have still been on average 15 Goalball UK members taking part each week. Chris Payne from Derbyshire Ducks Goalball Club remains the top contributor with 82 parkruns completed (out of a possible 88 since August 2018) with Phil Green from West Yorkshire Goalball Club not too far behind with 73 parkruns completed.

Congratulations to Tom Evison from Winchester Goalball Club who recently completed his 100th overall parkrun at Andover. A special mention as well to Bobbie-Jack Spencer-Sallis, also from Winchester Goalball Club, who has recently been volunteering at Basingstoke Junior parkrun – once as a funnel manager and twice as a marshall.

Bobbie-Jack from Winchester Goalball Club, wearing a hi-vis volunteer vest, ready to marshall at Basingstoke Junior parkrun

Running outside may not be possible over the coming weeks/months but it is important to stay active whilst at home. Sport England and Metro Blind Sport have some great suggestions of what to do whilst we will also be sharing examples from goalball players and clubs soon via our social media.