Welcome to week 3 of our ‘Positivity Programme’. We hope we are achieving our aim of trying to keep the #GoalballFamily connected, motivated and entertained. To find out what we have planned for this week, follow this link!

Mindset Monday
At 7pm today, we have a GB Time Out with Head Coaches Faye Dale and Aaron Ford. They will be sharing their goalball journeys and offering top tips for aspiring players and coaches. If you are unable to attend but have any questions that you would like to ask Faye or Aaron, please email Tom.Dobson@goalballuk.com. The session will also be available on our YouTube channel later this week, where you will also find last week’s brilliant Mindset Monday with Natalie Herbert of Embrace Performance!

Aaron Ford and Faye Dale side by side in photos with their GB jackets on.

Workout Wednesday
Between 12pm-1pm on Wednesday we will be having another group workout session. The ratio of rest to work is low so do not worry if you are not feeling super fit at the moment!

Fun Friday
This week we will be hosting a scavenger hunt, starting at 5pm sharp! You don’t need to do anything in advance, just turn up and everything will be explained.

As always, look after one another and keep safe (and smiling!) #GoalballFamily!