Saturday 1st April, 2023 at The Factory Young Peoples Centre, 5 Devon Way, Longbridge, Birmingham B31 2TS.

Teams in attendance: Birmingham, RNC Academy, Nottinghamshire Sheriffs, South Wales


A round robin followed by placing games.



Game 1, Hall A, 10:00, South Wales vs Birmingham

Game 2, Hall A, 10:35, RNC Academy vs Nottinghamshire Sheriffs

Game 3, Hall A, 11:35, South Wales vs RNC Academy

Game 4 Hall A, 12:10, Birmingham vs Nottinghamshire Sheriffs

Game 5, Hall A, 13:10, Nottinghamshire Sheriffs vs South Wales

Game 6, Hall A, 13:45, Birmingham vs RNC Academy

Game 7 (Bronze), Hall A, 14:45, 3rd place vs 4th place

Game 8, (Gold), Hall A, 15:30, 1st place vs 2nd place

Final Placings and Individual Awards 

Pending results.

Individual Awards 

Male top goalscorer – pending results

Female top goalscorer – pending results

Player of the Day – pending results