Saturday 1st April, 2023 at Trinity School Sports Club, Shirley Park, Croydon, CR9 7AT.

Teams in attendance: Cambridge Blues, Cambridge Gown, Cambridge Town, Croysutt Comrades, Croysutt Warriors, Winchester Kings, Winchester Knights


A round robin with teams playing 4 of the 6 other teams. Placings will be confirmed based on the standings after all teams have played 4 games.


Game 1, Hall A, 09:30, Croysutt Comrades vs Croysutt Warriors

Game 2, Hall A, 10:00, Winchester Knights vs Cambridge Town

Game 3, Hall A, 10:30, Cambridge Blues vs Cambridge Gown

Game 4 Hall A, 11:00, Winchester Kings vs Croysutt Warriors

Game 5, Hall A, 11:30, Cambridge Town vs Croysutt Comrades

Game 6, Hall A, 12:00, Cambridge Gown vs Winchester Knights

Game 7, Hall A, 12:30, Cambridge Blues vs Winchester Kings

Game 8, Hall A, 13:30, Croysutt Warriors vs Cambridge Town

Game 9, Hall A, 14:00, Croysutt Comrades vs Winchester Knights

Game 10, Hall A, 14:30, Cambridge Gown vs Winchester Kings

Game 11, Hall A, 15:00, Cambridge Town vs Cambridge Blues

Game 12, Hall A, 15:30, Croysutt Comrades vs Cambridge Gown

Game 13, Hall A, 16:00, Croysutt Warriors vs Cambridge Blues

Game 14, Hall A, 16:30, Winchester Knights vs Winchester Kings

Final Placings and Individual Awards 

Pending results.

Individual Awards 

Male top goalscorer – pending results

Female top goalscorer – pending results

Player of the Day – pending results