A split photo of Jodie Redgrave and Josie Hewson. Jodie is out walking in nature whilst Josie is pictured in her Leeds United kit.We’re putting a spotlight on the ‘team behind the team’ who work so hard to get the squad in the best shape possible.

We chatted with Jodie Redgrave and Josie Hewson, two important members of the Great Britain Men’s goalball team.

Hi Jodie and Josie, please can you tell us your roles within the Men’s squad?:

Jodie: Hi everyone! I am the squad nutritionist, making sure everyone is fed and watered ready to perform.

Josie: My role is the physiotherapist and it is my job to help everyone to be in top tip condition, or as close to be as possible!

What are you both looking forward to in being part of the team going to the IBSA European Championships B in Finland?

Jodie: I’m most looking forward to not having to cook any food! More importantly, I am excited to be a part of the team at such an important event for the squad, seeing the lads light up the court with how they are playing. I relish being a part of that team environment and fingers crossed we get to witness them smash it!

Jodie Redgrave at a Great Britain Camp showing off her baking skills.

Josie: As I am very new to goalball, I am eager to get to know the team better as a team as well as individually. Even getting on a plane and travelling somewhere different will be nice!

Josie Hewson pictured on a ski lift whilst wearing skiing gear including a thick black coat and purple ski trousers!

We are getting to know you from a goalball aspect, but what do you do away from the goalball court?

Jodie: Outside of goalball I am a self employed performance nutritionist and I support university age athletes and help them excel in their sport through nutrition. I work in partnership with the University of Nottingham, University of Manchester as well as the TAAS programme, which I know some members of the #GoalballFamily will recognise.

Josie: My main role is a Sarcoma Physiotherapist within the NHS which I started in January and my background previous to this was in Women’s football as a physiotherapist.

Wow! This must keep you both busy, what do you both enjoy doing when you have time away from work?

Jodie: I currently play for Fylde FC Women in tier 3 of Women’s football and tend to spend a lot of time in my car travelling to places! Outside of sport, I love cooking and relish any chance to go out to nice places to eat (and drink!) and I also enjoy going for nice walks in the Lake District.

Jodie Redgrave, pictured in the middle of the image amongst her team mates at Fylde FC celebrating a goal!

Josie: Very similar to Jodie football wise, I play for Leeds United Women which is great as my family are MASSIVE Leeds fans. I am a big cross fit fan, slinging weight around is my thing. So, you will probably see me in Finland walking up and down as I cannot sit still!

Josie Hewson stood with her arms folded in her Leeds United football kit, very professional.

Great to hear. Now, what made you want to be a part of the goalball and more specifically within the Great Britain set up?

Jodie: Well, there is a lot of rubbish banter on show so I fit right in! You get the goalball ‘buzz’! There are lots of genuinely nice people who care about each other which is really nice and was a big part of what hooked me in.

Jodie Redgrave in the 'wild' walking on a scenic nature walk whilst posing to the camera.

Josie: Jodie! Jodie contacted me asking if I wanted to be involved and at the time I do not think I knew what I was getting myself in for as it is a totally different environment to what I am used to. After coming down to my first training camp I realised how technical goalball is and appreciated the effort these athletes put into it doing burpees every 10 seconds getting up and down from defending to attacking.

Now, the hard hitting question to finish us off. We in the #GoalballFamily are partial to treats at tournaments. What is both of your favourite and least favourite chocolate bars?

Jodie: Least favourite has to be a Bounty! Coconut is not for me, my most favourite would be a Daim Bar or maybe a Curly Wurly.

Josie: My least favourite would have to be a Flake or a Wispa (Jodie was disgusted with this!), any type that has holes in them. I am a big fan of value for money. Double Decker is my favourite as it has a bit of everything.

Thank you to Jodie and Josie for chatting with us, good luck to you and the team in Finland at the 2021 European Championships B!