Each week we are going to be saying “Hello” to another organisation in the VI world to learn more about who they are and what they do.

This week, we are chatting to Lottie Reid (Sight Village Team) from Queen Alexandra College (QAC).

So, Hi Lottie, please can you tell us about QAC:

QAC is a national residential college and charity that supports a diverse range of student abilities and support needs based in Birmingham. We can trace our history back to 1847 when the General Institution for the Blind was founded.

Our original purpose was to provide education for young people who were visually impaired. Today, in addition to students who have a visual impairment, we offer support and guidance for students on the Autistic Spectrum (including individuals with Asperger’s syndrome); those with moderate to severe learning difficulties; physical disabilities; and other disabilities.

There are over 300 students studying at QAC across a wide variety of personalised and flexible programmes. Our Curriculum is designed to maximise life chances, develop independence and work skills. Class sizes are small and support levels are high.

Our Mission Statement is to create challenging learning opportunities for people with a visual impairment and/or other disabilities to realise their potential to work and live independently.

We also have QAC Enterprises which consists of a wide range of businesses that raise money for the College. My role is split between External Relations and Events which includes Sight Village.

What is Sight Village?

Sight Village are free exhibitions that take place around the UK, showcasing technology, support and services for blind and partially sighted people (and professionals working with blind and partially sighted people) – Goalball UK are regular exhibitors. This short video provides more information.

Unfortunately, all of our 2020 events had to be postponed but confirmed dates and locations for 2021 are:

  • Sight Village Central on Tuesday 17th and Wednesday 18th August at Cranmore Park Conference and Event Centre in Solihull.
  • Sight Village South West on Tuesday 14th September at Sandy Park Stadium in Exeter.
  • Sight Village Wales on Tuesday 12th October at the All Nations Centre in Cardiff.
  • Sight Village South East on Tuesday 2nd and Wednesday 3rd November at Kensington Town Hall in London.

In the meantime we are having Online Information Events with the most recent actually taking place this week.

And you also have some Virtual Open Days coming up?

Yes, we have an Open Day for potential students and their families on Friday 23rd April and also an Information Day for Professionals on Thursday 29th April.

How can we find out more information?

If you would like more information about studying at QAC, please call 0121 803 5484 or email info@qac.ac.uk. Or if you would like more information about Sight Village, please email sv@qac.ac.uk.

You can also keep up to date with what is happening, where and when, via our website and social media channels: