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Goalball is one of the main sports on the Royal National College for the Blind (RNC) sports timetable, providing opportunities for every student that studies there an opportunity to step onto the court. RNC has been instrumental in supporting the growth of goalball in the UK as people graduate and head to their new local clubs, up and down the UK.

RNC Academy has had a successful Super League season, finishing in 4th place and qualifying for the National Finals! They will surely want to go at least one better at the Goalfix Cup to get into the medal positions. Squads in previous years have featured Great Britain stars of the future, such as Dan and Joe Roper, Kali Holder, and Dave Scott.

In this year’s squad, the future is now! As every one of the four players are current Great Britain senior squad players.

Best Goalfix Cup finish: Bronze medallists in 2017 & 2019!


1 – Megan Smithson-Booth

2 – Antonia Bunyan

4 – Stuart Hudson

5 – Amelia Robertson


Aaron Ford (Coach)

Christopher Colbert (Assistant Coach)