Group image of the goalball family, from the 2019 End of Season tournament.

What a week! Busy times in the goalball world, lets check out what’s going on!

Fantastic to read the first UK guidelines for disabled young peope which provide recommendations from Chief medical officers’ on levels of physical activity.
Great to hear that Eilidh had a fantastic time at the recent #FindTheNext Goalball Academy camp!
Go Tigers! Dan Roper and the team were victorious in their first fixture vs Ha. Vi. 2 Bruxells, winning 15-12! Tune in to their next game vs Aarhus Goalball at 4pm GMT!
The next best thing to goalball? Bowling! Great to see the team had fun!
The #GoalballFamily spirit in true force!
We hope everyone had a great time learning about goalball!

Make the weekend yours #GoalballFamily!