Birmingham group photo featuring players and coaching contingent with their medals. Guide dog is at the front and centre!

3 competitions, 3 locations, 1 day! What a fantastic day we had last weekend with our Novice season getting underway. Find out everything that went down below:

It was AMAZING for so many teams returning to competition after what has felt like a lifetime since our last Novice competition which was (*checks archive*) 15th February 2020!

With such a busy day in our #GoalballFamily, there were so many moments to include, here are some of our favourites:

  • From Manchester in Region A:
    • South Yorkshire fired their way to gold remaining unbeaten throughout after narrowly overcoming Lancashire Lions 3-2 in the gold medal game!
    • The old saying “start as you mean to go on” was present here, as the first fixture between Lancashire Lions and West Yorkshire ended in a 4-4 draw!
    • West Yorkshire overcame Blackburn 7-3 in the bronze medal playoff!

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South Yorkshire group photo with gold medals. Ben Sheppard is beating his chest in delight!!

  • From Region B, heading down the A49 to Hereford:
    • We love a close contest! Birmingham beat a resilient South Wales outfit 7-6!
    • South Wales overcome their 11-1 defeat to RNC Ladies earlier in the day and put in a great performance to beat RNC Academy 8-2.
    • Birmingham continued the trend of close contests, with Goalball UK Youth Forum member Yusuf Huraira scoring with seconds to spare to snatch a 4-4 draw vs RNC Ladies.

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South Wales stood in a group photo with their bronze medals.

  • And finally, Region C:
    • Croysutt and Winchester battles ended in a stalemate within their first two fixtures, with Winchester Kings vs Croysutt Warriors ending 5-5 and Croysutt Crusaders vs Winchester Knights ending 7-7!
    • Later in the day, Cambridge Town overcame Croysutt’s resilience however beating their Warriors outfit 6-4.
    • Cambridge Gown narrowly missed out on achieving the same feat losing 4-5 to Croysutt Crusaders.

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Winchester Knights team photo with bronze medals!

A massive thank you to all players, coaches, volunteers and officials for making the super day possible. It’s Intermediate South up next on Saturday 23rd October at Trinity School Croydon, Shirley Park!