RNC ladies Elite team huddling post eyeshades check with Meme Robertson, Antonia Bunyan and Chelsea Hudson in view.Super League Matchday 2 – Saturday 29th – Sunday 30th January

The Super League table is hotting up as the season continued last weekend with Matchday 2 at the English Institute of Sport, Sheffield. Northern Allstars sit pretty at the top of the table with an impressive 30 points after 11 fixtures, resulting in 10 wins and 1 loss! Winchester Kings and Fen Tigers are hot on the Allstars tails, however, with Winchester on 24 points, and the Tigers on 27 points both having played 10 fixtures. It is certainly all to play for going into the rest of the season! Dan Roper and Caleb Nanevie will certainly be instrumental to their team’s quest for 1st place, as they occupy 1st and 3rd in the male goal scoring charts after Dan has scored a mightily impressive 89 goals, and Caleb scoring 63!

Caleb Nanevie picking up a goalball as he is about to shoot.

As we know, the goalball season is not always about who wins the most, or scores the most, but how far of a journey teams travel on throughout the season. It was great to see the progress of Cambridge Dons, who both picked up two victories of their Super League season, beating Fenland Tigers 10-7 and Phoenix Blaze 14-8. To contradict ourselves in the season not always being about who scorers the most, Kali Holder will certainly be an important figure if Cambridge are to continue this upwards progression in scoring 31 goals, making her the highest scoring female player in the Super League so far!

Faye Dale refeering a goalball game with Cambridge Dons in view on the right side of court.

The battles throughout the Super League table continue with the gap between Cambridge Dons in 9th place, to Birmingham in 5th only being 6 points! Croysutt Warriors (8th), Fenland Tigers (7th) and Phoenix Blaze (6th) make up the lower end of the table, with every team playing at least one fixture less than Birmingham, the chase is on! Phoenix Blaze player Dave Butler will look to continue his impressive goalscoring form, along with showing great determination and leadership which resulted in him being awarded Player of the Weekend!

Dave Butler in the ready position on right wing, wearing the Phoenix Blaze number 7 shirt.

RNC Academy occupies 4th place with 15 points, after securing 3 victories against Phoenix Blaze (12-15), Fenland Tigers (5-9), and Croysutt Warriors (2-6). RNC Academy should request to play as the “away” team for more of their fixtures! It was fantastic to see 16-year-old Chelsea Hudson make her Super League debut, slotting into the team nicely!

Also making their debut in the Super League was Patrick Harmer (16-years-old) of Winchester and Alex Ulysses (18-years-old) of Croysutt Warriors who both certainly made a positive impact on their teams! With many ‘youthful’ players featuring and smashing it for their team, by this we mean you’re only as old as you feel!

Patrick Harmer giving feedback to his Winchester team at a timeout.

Check out the full results via the Super League Matchday 2 results page!

Well done to all teams competing, next stop, Matchday 3 on Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th April 2022, at Bromsgrove School, Worcester Road, Bromsgrove!