Wide angle shot from behind the goal during a GB training camp showing three of GB Men in the far goal end ready to defend

Aiming high – Goalball UK launches transformational Performance Pathway Programme

Today, Monday 29th April, Goalball UK announce a new Performance Pathway Programme, transforming the way goalball players enter and move within the pathway.

Goalball UK, the National Governing Body for the Paralympic sport of goalball in the UK, are pleased to share this transformed pathway to representing Great Britain for players in the sport.

The new programme brings together players invited to join the Academy, Talent, Performance Potential and High-Performance levels in a holistic pathway delivering training, support, and opportunity to players at all levels. The goal is to deliver a clear and exciting pathway for goalball players nationwide, with future planning and working together key to making this happen.

The programme, developed by a newly formed Performance Pathway team of Gary Fraser, Faye Dale and Alex Cockerham aims to select and prepare athletes to achieve the best possible results in competitions.

With eyes on the next Paralympic cycle, LA 2028 is a key milestone but the team are not resting on their laurels. Preparations are already underway for the IBSA (International Blind Sports Federation) European A Championships in 2025 where both Men and Women’s senior squads will compete.

Gary Fraser, High-Performance Lead at Goalball UK said “The launch of our new Performance Pathway Programme is the cumulation of a lot of hard work from all involved. We are proud to make a big statement and say that we are aiming high, and we are looking forward to supporting our players to progress in the sport they are so passionate about. “

“I’d like to thank our players and the wider goalball community for their commitment to this new direction, and especially UK Sport and Sport England for championing it as we evolve.”

Faye Dale, National Talent Lead at Goalball UK said “I’m in the fortunate position of having worked with Goalball UK for over ten years, so to see this new programme launch today is testament to the hard work that’s gone before it and yet to come “

“The new programme gives talented and committed goalball players at all levels a real chance to progress and will see us achieve great things together”

John Grosvenor, Chair at Goalball UK said “Goalball UK are delighted to announce this new programme and direction for our Performance athletes representing Great Britain. The future of goalball as a sport, and our performance on the international stage, is in a stronger position than ever before. By evolving the programme, we aim to achieve greater things, together, in the sport we are all so passionate about.”

Pyramid with 5 levels. The top is the GUK logo, 2nd is High Performance, 3rd is Performance Potential, 4th is talent, 5th is Academy. On the right in white text details the competitions at each level e.g. High Performance has Paralympics, IBSA World Games and so on

Invited athletes

Athletes invited to join the Performance Pathway Programme are also announced today, with 36 on the programme. 20 of these will join the first Goalball UK Centre of Excellence training weekend at EIS Sheffield in May with Talent and Academy camps ongoing for players too.

High Performance

Georgina Bullen 

Antonia Bunyan 

Matthew Loftus 

Josh Murphy 

Caleb Nanevie 

Amelia Robertson 

Dan Roper 

Joe Roper 

David Scott 

Lois Turner 

Performance Potential

Chris Colbert

Chelsea Hudson

Conall Moore

Megan Smithson-Booth


Mo Ahmed 

Harry Boden 

Freya Gavin 

Jacob Hare 

Paddy Harmer 

Kali Holder 

Jack Peters 

Leo Stubbs 

Alexandra Ulysses


Alleah Beard-Pace 

Imogen Dodds 

Max Dyble 

Danny Jenkins 

Eilidh Johnstone 

Nikhil Kamath 

Gareth Mainwaring 

Keira Mills 

Emily Ramsden 

Ben Tall 

Daniel White 

Catrin Young