Earlier this year, in the first of our ten year stories, we spoke with Clive Spencer (https://goalballuk.com/goalball-uk-celebrates-10-years-clive-spencer/) who explained how goalball first began in the UK.

Additionally, every Wednesday during lockdown, we have also been ‘Digging through the Goalball UK archives’ to bring you memories from the last decade.

We now want to celebrate our rich history further and hear stories and see photos of former players, coaches, officials, clubs and tournaments from prior to the formation of Goalball UK.

Initially we are therefore collating a ‘Hall of Fame’ to acknowledge the players and coaches who have represented GB (since 1978) at the 4 main international tournaments:

  • Paralympic Games
  • World Championships
  • World Games
  • European Championships

So if you were involved, or know anyone who was, please contact Kathryn Fielding (Tel. 07795 263642 or email kathryn@goalballuk.com).

The full list of tournaments is as follows:

Year Tournament Location
1978 World Championships Vocklamarkt, Austria
1980 Paralympic Games Arnhem, Netherlands
1982 World Championships Indianapolis, USA
1983 European Championships Geve, Denmark
1985 European Championships Olsztyn, Poland
1986 World Championships Roermond, Netherlands
1988 Paralympic Games Seoul, South Korea
1989 European Championships Vejle, Denmark
1990 World Championships Calgary, Canada
1991 European Championships Lahti, Finland
1993 World Games Quebec, Canada
1993 European Championships Loughborough, Great Britain
1994 World Championships Colorado Springs, USA
1996 Paralympic Games Atlanta, USA
1997 European Championships Nottingham, Great Britain
1998 World Championships Madrid, Spain
1999 European Championships Walsall, Great Britain
2000 Paralympic Games Sydney, Australia
2002 European Championships Levoca, Slovakia
2005 European Championships Neerpelt & Overpelt, Belgium
2006 European Championships Prague, Czech Republic
2007 World Games Sao Paulo, Brazil
2007 European Championships Antalya, Turkey
2008 European Championships Pajulhati, Finland
2009 European Championships Munich, Germany

*We already have the details for all the tournaments from 2010 onwards.