Image shows Goalball UK CEO Mark Winder presenting at the 2019 goalball conferenceEach week we are digging through the Goalball UK archives to look back at some of our favourite memories from the sport from years gone by.

Each year we are proud to host our Goalball UK conference. At a time when we would normally be looking forward to welcoming many of you to this event in person, we are going to revisit one of our favourites ahead of announcing the full 2020 schedule.

The annual Goalball UK conference is always a highlight in our calendar as we get the chance to welcome the goalball family for a combination of talks and demos. It is always a fantastic opportunity for everyone to develop and grow their knowledge of goalball.

Over the years, the conferences have evolved to become more inclusive and engaging for all participants at any level of the sport. There is often a running theme through the sessions as well and last year, we focused on growing our game.

With a great attendance in 2019 at York St John University, goalballers were treated to keynote speeches from Ian Braid, managing director of Docia Sport, and Adam Knott, a former Great Britain player and chair and coach of Winchester Goalball Club.

Furthermore, there were also coaching masterclasses from Great Britain’s Men’s coach, Faye Dale, and an opportunity to learn from the officials in a Q&A about the rules of the game, amongst other sessions.

Image shows Faye Dale teaching at the 2019 goalball conference

As well as the informative and practical workshops for the goalball family to get involved with, the conference is always a fantastic opportunity for all to come together and reflect on the growth and progression of the sport.

Despite not being able to meet in person for the conference this year, it will still be going ahead online as we have adapted the format to bring it to the Goalball Family on Zoom and our social media channels!

Image shows attendees of the 2019 Goalball UK conference stood with Goalball UK members of staff

There will be a fantastic array of webinars, presentations and Q&A sessions for everyone to look forward to between Tuesday 1st and Saturday 5th September as we explore this year’s theme of returning to play.

Full details of this year’s programme will be announced on our website and social media pages very shortly.

In the meantime, we would love to hear your favourite memories of Goalball UK conferences from years gone!