Group image of the goalball family, from the 2019 End of Season tournament.Below are all of the 2019-20 season award winners. Congratulations everyone. Trophies will be presented at the first available opportunity.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, we had to cancel the National League, the Novice Shield and the Goalfix Goalball Cup.

Novice North league

Winners – West Yorkshire

Top female goal scorers – Amber Whaley (South Yorkshire) and Sammie Korosi (Lancashire Lions)

Top male goal scorer – James Woods (Merseyside)

Novice South & West league

Winners – Winchester

Top female goal scorer – Phoebe Clifton (Winchester)

Top male goal scorer – Bobbie-Jack Spencer-Sallis (Winchester)

Novice South & East league

Winners – Croysutt Warriors

Top female goal scorer – Alexandra Ulysees (Croysutt Warriors)

Top male goal scorer – Liam Simpson (Cambridge Dons)

Intermediate North league

Winners – West Yorkshire

Top female goal scorer – Samantha Gough (York)

Top male goal scorer – Matt Cliff (Merseyside)

Intermediate South & West league

Winners – RNC Hereford

Top female goal scorer – Lois Turner (Birmingham Barbarians)

Top male goal scorer – Mo Ahmed (Birmingham Barbarians)

Intermediate South & East league

Winners – Fen Tigers

Top female goal scorer – Sarah Leiter (Cambridge Dons)

Top male goal scorers – Lee Robshaw (Croysutt Warriors) & Anes Saleh (Fen Tigers)

Intermediate Trophy

Winners – RNC Academy

Elite League

Winners – Fen Tigers

Top female goal scorer – Kali Holder (RNC Academy)

Top male goal scorer – Dan Roper (Fen Tigers)

Player of the Season Award

Winner – Samantha Gough (York)

Runners Up – Liam Simpson (Cambridge Dons) and David Scott (Winchester)

Keith Lound Service to Sport Award

Winner – Hannah Webber (Nottinghamshire Sheriffs)

Runner Up – Tom Britton (Croysutt Warriors)

You can check out the full End of Season Awards virtual presentation below.