Jacob Hare stood in front of a Goalball UK banner with a sign saying

Each Thursday we want to put the spotlight on a person involved with goalball – from players, officials to coaches, or anyone!

This week we caught up with Jacob Hare!

What club do you play for or coach?

I play for Croysutt Warriors. I am also a member of the Goalball UK #FindTheNext Goalball Academy and the Youth Forum.

How did you discover goalball?

When I was younger, I was part of a group called Kent Actionnaires – they ran a few taster sessions, and this led me to become interested in the sport. I then joined a very small local club which unfortunately folded after just a few sessions. It was then probably five or six years later that I met another couple of players through a different charity and they told me about Croysutt. I joined in March 2020.

Jacob Hare stood next to the right corner of a goalball goal in a sports hall in a training session.

Is there a particular song, artist, or genre that you listen to before a tournament to get in the mood? Or anything you’re loving at the moment?

Before games and tournaments, I really like to listen to something fast paced and loud to get me hyped up and energised. Something like the Foo Fighters or Idles.

Do you have any pre-game superstitions or rituals?

Not really, I just chat to my teammates and relax. I try not to think about anything and try and get my heart rate down.

Jacob stood with his mum Louise Potter at a festival. There are lots of people behind them on a blue but partially cloudy day with the sun setting in the background.

Do you have a favourite post-match meal?

Anything, I’m usually starving!

Which goalball player do you admire the most and why?

Tommy Britton as he has really helped me to transform from the slow wimpy player, I was at the start to the player I am today.

Outside of goalball, what other hobbies/sports do you do?

I play VI cricket, I’m an avid scout and scout leader and a kayaker.

Jacob Hare in a red canoe with yellow canoe paddle on the water with large trees in the background.

Finally, what place, anywhere in the world, is on your bucket list to visit and why?

If I had the chance, I would absolutely love to visit Australia.

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