Picture of playing cardsTo keep up some ‘friendly’ competition between clubs during Lockdown we have started a ‘Higher or Lower’ League.

A representative from each club was randomly selected to take part (in Round 1) and subsequently received a phone call from a Goalball UK member of staff.

Using a pack of playing cards, the rules were simple, how many correct answers (Higher or Lower) could they give in a row? – it may sound easy but it proved not to be for everyone with 5 people failing to get any right!

So top of the league currently is Phoenix Blaze, thanks to an impressive score of 12 from Dave Butler, closely followed by Cambridge Dons and Northern Allstars as both Graham Stearn and Matt Loftus scored 11.

It could all change in Round 2 though!

The full results for Round 1 are as follows:

Position Club Player Score
1st Phoenix Blaze Dave Butler 12
2nd Cambridge Dons Graham Stearn 11
= Northern Allstars Matt Loftus 11
3rd RNC Hereford Chris Colbert 7
= South Wales Kyla Smith 7
4th Nottinghamshire Sheriffs Harry Bainbridge 6
= Scarborough Panthers Curtis Vasey 6
5th Exeter Ernie Brown 5
6th New College Worcester Clive Spencer 4
7th Blackburn Steve Cooper 3
= Glasgow Alan Lewis 3
= Merseyside Sharks Alan McComb (Macca) 3
= Norfolk and Norwich Ed Bates 3
= South Yorkshire Ben Sheppard 3
= Winchester Freddy Ireland 3
= York Jade Puckering 3
8th Croysutt Warriors Michael Hobbs-Brown 2
9th Birmingham Barbarians Nasi Hidrej 1
= Fen Tigers Richard King 1
= Lancashire Lions Abi-Bakr Istiak 1
10th Brighton and Hove Richard Wheeler (Chud) 0
= Derbyshire Ducks Robyn Payne 0
= London Elephants Marcio Rodrigues 0
= North West (NI) James Douglas 0
= West Yorkshire Charlie Brown 0