Picture of playing cardsTo keep up some ‘friendly’ competition between clubs whilst we are off the goalball court we have started a ‘Higher or Lower’ League.

A representative from each club is randomly selected to take part in each round and subsequently receive a phone call from a Goalball UK member of staff.

Using a pack of playing cards, the rules were simple, how many correct answers (Higher or Lower) could they give in a row? – there was an improvement from Round 1, with no club scoring zero!

In Round 2 Merseyside Sharks stormed to the top with the highest score from either round thanks to Ada Eravama scoring a sensational 28, there may have been an element of beginners luck as Ada stated before her attempt that she did not know the rules! In a distant second place despite her impressive score is Tracey Compton from the London Elephants with a score of 16, which would have seen her take the top spot in Round 1… unlucky! Finishing off the top three is Marc Powell from Fen Tigers with a respectable score of 11.

With the Round 1 and 2 scores combined we currently have Merseyside Sharks in 1st place with 31 (climbing the ladder from joint 7th in Round 1), London Elephants in 2nd place with 16 (moving up from joint 10th in Round 1), and Cambridge Dons in 3rd place with 14 (dropping from 2nd place in Round 1)… it is all to play for in Round 3!

The full results for Round 2 are as follows:

Position Club Player Score
1st Merseyside Sharks Ada Eravama 28
2nd London Elephants Tracy Compton 16
3rd Fen Tigers Marc Powell 11
4th Birmingham Barbarians Yusuf Huraira 9
5th Winchester Kiera Mills 8
6th Blackburn Sajad Hussain 6
= Brighton and Hove Harriet Abley 6
= Nottinghamshire Sheriffs Annesah Rabbaanee 6
7th South Yorkshire Leo Johnson 5
8th RNC Tash Mead 4
= Scarborough Panthers Chelsea Hudson 4
9th Cambridge Dons Ciaron Naughton 3
= New College Worcester Jane Price 3
= South Wales Marcus Lloyd Strait 3
= West Yorkshire Chris Fenton 3
10th Croysutt Warriors Lee Robshaw 2
= Glasgow Paul Cunningham 2
= Norfolk and Norwich Grayham Forsythe-Fields 2
= Northern Allstars Caleb Nanevie 2
11th Derbyshire Ducks Chris Payne 1
= Lancashire Lions Freya Gavin 1
= Phoenix Blaze Anthony O’Keefe 1
= York Sam Gough 1

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