The 2018 National League got underway this weekend with the first Region C Novice and Intermediate tournament in Peterborough.

Within the Novice tournament there were representatives from Croysutt Warriors, Cambridge Dons and a composite team from Nottinghamshire Sheriffs. Throughout the tournament players were competing against one another, with new players taking on experienced players. Cambridge Dons had several new players who were experiencing their first National League tournament.

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After all three teams battled it out, the final schedule is below;

1st – Croysutt Warriors

2nd – Cambridge Dons

3rd – Nottinghamshire Composite

Onto the Intermediate tournament in which there were four teams that represented Region C in the tournament, these were; Cambridge Dons, Croysutt Warriors, Fen Tigers and London Elephants. Each team played in 6 games in a double round robin format, every team had new players that were new to the Intermediate tournament which was excellent to see these progressing through.

After playing each team twice only one team could come out as Region C winners and this was Fen Tigers who finished the day with a record Won – 5 Drawn – 1. They were closely followed by Cambridge Dons who completed the day with a record of Won – 3, Drawn – 1, Lost 2. In 3rd place were London Elephants who finished the tournament with Won – 1, Drawn – 2, Lost – 5. In the final position were Croysutt Warriors who finished the day with a record of Won – 1, Lost – 5.

Following the tournament the Top Goalscorers were announced to the teams. The Male top Goalscorer was Warren Wilson from Cambridge Dons who racked up 15 goals during the tournament, with the Female top Goalscorer Georgie Bullen from Fen Tigers scoring an impressive 22 goals during the day.

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The standings after the first Region C tournament are below;

1st – Fen Tigers

2nd – Cambridge Dons

3rd – London Elephants

4th – Croysutt Warriors