Welcome to Week 5 of our ‘Positivity Programme’. In this week’s video, for Mindset Monday, Hannah Levi (GB Women’s Squad Sport Psychologist) and Antonia Bunyan (GB Women’s Squad) talk to us about a ‘Timeline Task’.

This task will encourage you to think back over your goalball career and reflect on your experiences so far. The aim is to pinpoint milestones in your timeline and to use this as an opportunity for growth and development.


  1. Write a list of the significant moments and events in your career (positive and negative). You can do this by writing them onto post-it notes, a list on a word document, or hand-writing a list.
  2. Draw a timeline from the start of your goalball career until now, and chronologically order the events.
  3. Separate the positive and negative events. You can do this in various ways. For example, by placing the post-it notes above the line for positive and below the line for negative, colour coding the positive and negative events, or by separating the list into two groups.
  4. Pick out a few of the most significant events on your timeline/list and reflect on the following questions (alone or through discussion with someone else):
  • Why did you feel the selected experiences were negative or positive?
  • How did your feelings of the experiences impact you as a person and as an athlete?
  • What did you learn from the experiences?
  • Can you spot any patterns or trends in your timeline?
  • Based on these reflections, what can you commit to doing that you feel will help the development of yourself and/or the team?
  • Are there any ways that other people can support you in your new goals?

Thank you to Hannah for creating this! As with everything for the ‘Positivity Programme’, why not give this a go and reflect on your experiences and what we can do to grow as individuals and as the collective #GoalballFamily!