A goalball in orange, with a silly laughing ghost headband.

The Goalball Ghoul’s Grand Gaffe

In the eerie town of Ghoulsborough, there was one sport that was incredibly popular among the supernatural beings: Goalball. Unlike the human version of the game, this one was played with a ball that screamed and the teams were made up of ghouls, goblins, and other otherworldly beings.

One Hallowe’en evening, a ghoulish goalball tournament was in full swing. Teams from all over the netherworld had gathered, and the air was filled with suspense, spooky cheers, and an overwhelming smell of pumpkin spice.

Among the players was Gary, a young ghoul with a penchant for pranks. He was known as the ‘Goalball Ghoul’ because of his unbeatable record in the game. Gary had a secret, though. He wasn’t actually good at goalball; he’d just distract his opponents by making weird noises. It was all in good fun and everyone knew about it, but this year, Gary wanted to take his prank to the next level.

Gary’s plan was simple: Replace the screaming goalball with a ticklish one. Whenever the ball would touch a player, they’d break into uncontrollable fits of laughter, rendering them temporarily useless.

The night of the big match, Gary’s team, The Ghostly Goofballs, were playing against their fiercest rivals, The Witchy Wonders. As the game began, Gary discreetly switched the ball.

The first time the Witchy Wonders’ centre player went to block the ball, instead of a scream, the ball let out a ridiculous giggle. The player began laughing hysterically, missing the save. The Goofballs scored.

However, as the game continued, the giggling ball began to backfire on Gary. His own team members would burst into laughter, and soon, no one could get through a single play without laughing. The game turned into a comedy of errors, with players rolling on the ground, tears streaming down their faces.

The spectators, many of whom had come for a serious game, were now holding their stomachs and laughing harder than they ever had before. The Witchy Wonders, realising the game was a lost cause, joined in the fun, and both teams engaged in a tickle fight in the middle of the court.

In the end, there was no winner that night, except for laughter. The game was officially dubbed “The Hysterical Hallowe’en Match,” and was talked about for years.

Gary, the Goalball Ghoul, was lauded not for his goalball skills but for bringing the entire underworld community together in fits of joy. And while he retired his prankster title, every Hallowe’en, he’d bring out that ticklish ball for old times’ sake, reminding everyone that sometimes, it’s okay to not take things too seriously.

After all, in Ghoulsborough, laughter was the best spell of all.