Group image of the goalball family, from the 2019 End of Season tournament.

Each Friday we are selecting our favourite social media activity from the Goalball Family and beyond.

We hope that this round-up can help to keep you entertained and provide inspiration to stay active!!

This week we are starting off with some interesting insight from the Youth Sport Trust, which highlights the link between physical activity and happiness levels…
On World Sight Day the RNIB teamed up with Kellogg’s to highlight the inaccessible nature of some food packaging, and how it can be changed…
Now back to the goalballing world, and we have a running theme of positivity with various activities returning. First off Winchester Goalball Club have announced their return to training with dates booked in over the next couple of months! 
Next up we have Meme Robertson who shared some great slow motion videos showing her return to the goalball court! 
Sarah Leiter has made a return to the running track with her guide, Les!
And finally, Kali Holder undertook a strength and conditioning session this week, giving her a great fitness baseline ready for her return to goalball!!

Keep safe Goalball Family and we hope you have a great weekend!